4 Bedroom Apartments in Tempe

While it's difficult to find four-bedroom apartments in some cities, these rental units are more common in communities near large universities. Many of these apartments are designed to accommodate students living together while away from home, but they're also suitable for families with children or young adults rooming together for safety or economic purposes. You may even consider a four-bedroom unit if you have multiple generations living under one roof but aren't ready to commit to buying a home.

  • West Sixth

    West Sixth 115 W 6th St. Ste. 101 Tempe, AZ 85281
    West Sixth Apartments The West Sixth apartments are cradled between West 6th Street and South Ash Avenue on the northwestern edge of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. You’ll find them right across the street from the Centerpoint building, which now houses ...

    $ 837 - $ 2063
    1 - 4 Bedrooms

  • Ten01

    1001 E. Playa del Norte Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Ten01 on the Lake Ten01 on the Lake is located approximately half a mile north of the ASU Tempe campus. It rests just over the Salt River on E Playa Del Norte Drive, so you can drive to campus in under 10 ...

    $ 593 - $ 1620
    1 - 4 Bedrooms

  • Allure at Tempe

    1155 West Grove ParkwayTempe, AZ 85283
    Transportation. At less than six miles southwest of the ASU campus and downtown Tempe, Allure at Tempe is nicely situated to freeways, services and public transportation. The apartments are less than a mile from the Elliott Road onramp to Interstate 10, ...

    $ 324 - $ 483
    2 - 4 Bedrooms


Townhome or Apartment?

Once you start looking at large apartments with three or more bedrooms, you may also want to expand your search to include condominiums and townhomes. While these alternatives to apartments won’t always have four bedrooms, they often feature multiple floor levels that are convenient for roommates and larger families.

For instance, many townhomes offer finished basements, which you can easily convert into a bedroom for a teenager or young adult. If you plan on using one of your bedrooms as a home office, playroom or guest room, you may also use a finished basement to create those extra spaces. The basement is the most private bedroom in a townhome, so it appeals to many young adults rooming with their peers.

While there are more apartments in Tempe than townhomes, considering this alternative will expand your floor plan options. You still need to compare the overall square footage and size of each room to determine what will work best for your household.

Conserving Energy in a Large Apartment

While four-bedroom Tempe apartments will provide you with space needed to live comfortably, it can also mean higher electricity bills. You will need a more substantial central air conditioning and heating system to adequately control the temperature in all rooms, and you may not find window or portable air conditioners enough for the size of your apartment. Whether you’re living alone with your immediate family or will share your apartment home with roommates, there are some things that you can do to control what you spend on utilities:

  • Check the lightbulbs. If management hasn’t installed energy-efficient bulbs, switch them yourself.
  • Use stand, box and ceiling fans to reduce your reliance on air conditioning. You will find that some hours of the day are cooler than others, so you may use your fans instead of the air at those times. You can also turn the air off completely during the cooler seasons of the year.
  • If you’re renting a luxury apartment, ask about programmable thermostats. You can set these thermostats to cool or heat your apartment when you’re scheduled to come home and to turn off when you’re out.
  • Ask everyone in your apartment to limit their showers to the minimum time necessary. The longer you run hot water, the more energy you use to heat that water.
  • Don’t allow roommates to run the dishwasher until it’s completely full. If everyone runs the washer every time that they eat, you will consume far more energy than you would by collecting the dishes until all space is occupied.
  • Don’t insist on a four-bedroom apartment with washer and dryer hookup in the rental unit. While it’s less convenient to take your clothing to a community laundry room, you will use considerably more electricity if you wash and dry laundry in your apartment.

There’s one more thing to think about before you commit to a four-bedroom apartment: the furniture needed to fill that apartment. The more space you enjoy, the more it costs to turn that living space into a comfortable home environment. Of course, you can always look for a furnished four-bedroom apartment, but that drastically limits your options in Tempe.