Apartments Near ASU for Rent

When moving to a new area, finding a student apartment near ASU can be difficult. Maybe you have spent your first year in a dorm but are now looking to move to an apartment or maybe you are transferring to the area and don’t know what is around. Finding an apartment near any of the ASU campuses, especially if you are new to Arizona, can seem difficult, but with these few tips and the search engine below, you can find your perfect match in no time. We have covered the Tempe campus, downtown campus and everything in between.

  • University Pointe

    919 East Lemon StreetTempe, AZ 85281
    University Pointe Apartments At the University Pointe Apartments, you can live on campus without living in the dorms. Positioned just outside of the southeastern border of campus on East Lemon Street, this is one of the closest apartment complexes to Arizona State ...

    $ 892 - $ 1430
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.23 miles distance
    1 min 4 min

  • University Park

    1005/1023 East University Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. University Park apartments are just a block-and-a-half from ASU and the light rail system, so getting around the region is very convenient. The apartments are closest to the university’s central and eastern buildings, including performing and media arts, science and ...

    $ 550 - $ 650
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.25 miles distance
    1 min 5 min

  • West Sixth

    West Sixth 115 W 6th St. Ste. 101 Tempe, AZ 85281
    West Sixth Apartments The West Sixth apartments are cradled between West 6th Street and South Ash Avenue on the northwestern edge of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. You’ll find them right across the street from the Centerpoint building, which now houses ...

    $ 837 - $ 2063
    1 - 4 Bedrooms

    0.26 miles distance
    2 min 5 min

  • Hanover Mill Avenue

    101 W 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281 - Downtown Tempe
    Transportation. Located just one block from ASU’s downtown Centerpoint building, two blocks from The Brickyard and three blocks from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Hanover Mill Avenue apartments are ultra-convenient. The apartments are also near the rest of ASU’s northwestern ...

    $ 782 - $ 1319
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.32 miles distance
    3 min 6 min

  • Residences on Farmer

    615 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Ideally located in downtown’s Farmer Arts District, the Residences on Farmer put you within walking distance of ASU, Mill Avenue/Downtown delights and Town Lake fun. You’re only a half-mile from the western edge of ASU and sites such as the ...

    $ 800 - $ 800
    3 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.35 miles distance
    2 min 7 min

  • Brix

    1424 S. Jentilly Lane Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Next door to ASU’s University Services building, Brix apartments make your commute to the university practically nonexistent. Even the main part of campus is just three blocks away. While driving to campus takes only four minutes, parking on campus is ...

    $ 425 - $ 650
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.41 miles distance
    2 min 8 min

  • Dorsey Place

    1275 E University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    Dorsey Place Apartments Look for the Dorsey Place Apartments on University Drive just off the eastern edge of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. The complex is situated across the street from the three-building University Center complex, which is a collection of ...

    $ 775 - $ 850
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.46 miles distance
    1 min 9 min

  • Agave Apartments

    1718 S. Jentilly Ln Tempe, AZ 85283
    Agave Apartments Located less than a half mile south of the Arizona State University Tempe campus, the Agave Apartments are perfect for students walking or biking to campus daily. By heading west on Vista Del Cerro Drive and then north on Rural ...

    $ 400 - $ 740
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.54 miles distance
    2 min 10 min

  • 12fifty5 On University

    1255 East univeristy dr. Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Conveniently situated on East University Drive between South Rural Road and South Dorsey Lane, 12Fifty5 On University is tucked along the central eastern edge of the ASU campus. Campus athletic fields and University Center Buildings are just across the street, ...

    $ 475 - $ 749
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.57 miles distance
    2 min 11 min

  • Alta Tempe

    1260 E University Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281
    Alta Tempe Apartments The Alta Tempe Apartments share a parking lot with the ASU University Center complex on the corner of University Drive and South Dorsey Lane. University Center is a three-building unit that houses the Office of Human Resources and offices ...

    $ 1266 - $ 1266
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    0.57 miles distance
    2 min 11 min

  • The Place on Jentilly

    1717 S Jentilly Ln, Tempe, AZ 85281
    The Place on Jentilly Living in the apartments at The Place on Jentilly places you within walking or driving distance of Arizona State University as well as many restaurants and sports bars serving the student and teacher population. The apartments are located ...

    $ 1130 - $ 1130
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.59 miles distance
    3 min 11 min

  • The Standard

    615 S Hardy Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    The Standard Apartment Homes If you want to walk or bike your way to campus and enjoy the many outdoor beauties surrounding Tempe Town Lake, you may consider moving into The Standard Apartment Homes on South Hardy Drive. After walking or biking ...

    $ 418 - $ 418
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.7 miles distance
    3 min 14 min

  • Rancho Las Palmas

    1249 East Spence Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Rancho Las Palmas Located less than a mile from the southeastern tip of the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, the Rancho Las Palmas apartments keep students a short walk or bike ride from all academic buildings. You can walk to the ...

    $ 416 - $ 712
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.71 miles distance
    3 min 13 min

  • Decco 109/121

    109 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. The apartments at Decco 109/121 are just six blocks from ASU’s southwest corner and less than two miles from downtown. This proximity to the ASU campus makes walking to work or class a breeze. If you head east on Broadway ...

    $ 498 - $ 850
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.75 miles distance
    2 min 15 min

  • Amber Gardens Apartment Homes

    625 W. 1st Street Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation Less than a mile from ASU’s Brickyard Engineering and Artisan Court, Amber Garden Apartment Homes put you in the heart of downtown and ASU. Whether you prefer driving, walking, biking or bus-riding, you’ll have a quick commute ...

    $ 463 - $ 820
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.86 miles distance
    4 min 17 min

  • Studio 710

    710 South Hardy Dr.Tempe, AZ 85281
    Studio 710 Apartments The Studio 710 apartment complex is located less than one mile west of Arizona State University, and you can reach the northwestern edge of campus in just two minutes with light traffic. Start out traveling east on West University ...

    $ 655 - $ 705
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    0.88 miles distance
    3 min 18 min

  • Grandes Cortes

    1150 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. A mile-and-a-half directly west of the ASU campus, Grandes Cortes puts you close to the university’s Wells Fargo Sports Arena, Mona Plummer Aquatic Complex, the Brickyard Engineering complex and College of Design. Walking to campus can be accomplished in just ...

    $ 806 - $ 806
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    0.92 miles distance
    3 min 19 min

  • Ten01

    1001 E. Playa del Norte Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Ten01 on the Lake Ten01 on the Lake is located approximately half a mile north of the ASU Tempe campus. It rests just over the Salt River on E Playa Del Norte Drive, so you can drive to campus in under 10 ...

    $ 593 - $ 1620
    1 - 4 Bedrooms

    0.98 miles distance
    4 min 19 min

  • Skywater at Town Lake

    601 W Rio Salado, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Skywater at Town Lake Apartments Located within three blocks of University Drive, the SkyWater at Town Lake Apartments will place you within a 10-minute drive or bus ride to ASU. The recommended route begins by going westbound on West Rio Salado Parkway ...

    $ 868 - $ 1773
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    1.04 miles distance
    5 min 20 min

  • Foxfire Apartments

    The Foxfire Apartments 1701 E. 8th Street Tempe, AZ 8528
    FoxFire Apartment Homes Located approximately seven miles west of the Price Freeway, five miles north of the Superstition Freeway and five miles south of the Red Mountain Freeway, the FoxFire Apartment Homes are just as convenient for commuters as they are students ...

    $ 411 - $ 721
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.05 miles distance
    4 min 20 min

  • 1133 West Fifth

    1133 West Fifth St. | Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Just one mile from the western edge of ASU’s campus, 1133 West Fifth apartments put you close to the university’s Brickyard, Tempe Center and its art, design, music and communications buildings. If you prefer to walk the 14 blocks between ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.14 miles distance
    4 min 23 min

  • Tempe Metro

    Tempe Metro 1811 E. Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85281
    Tempe Metro Apartments The Tempe Metro Apartments are located approximately one mile east of the Arizona State University campus near the intersection of East Apache Boulevard and South McClintock Drive. The most direct driving route is north on South McClintock Drive and ...

    $ 645 - $ 1140
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    1.17 miles distance
    5 min 23 min

  • Onnix-west

    1500 E. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. Onnix-west apartments are ideally located just one-and-a-half miles east of the ASU campus on East Broadway Road. A quick half-hour walk puts you on the southeastern edge of campus, near university administrative offices and the Sonora Center residential college. Just ...

    $ 507 - $ 890
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.22 miles distance
    4 min 23 min

  • VELA at Town Lake

    555 North College Avenue Tempe, AZ 85281
    VELA at Town Lake If lakeside living appeals to you but a short commute to work or school is also important, consider taking up residence on the shores of Tempe Town Lake. VELA at Town Lake is located next to the lake’s ...

    $ 910 - $ 3199
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.35 miles distance
    5 min 26 min

  • Arbour Park

    1901 E. Apache Blvd.Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation Arbour Park Apartments are less than two miles east of ASU’s Tempe campus on East Apache Boulevard. Traveling west on East Apache takes you directly into the southeastern portion of the campus, near the Sandra Day O’Connor ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    1.4 miles distance
    7 min 28 min

  • Hayden Lane

    1920 East Hayden Lane Tempe, AZ 85281
    Hayden Lane Apartments Hayden Lane is a popular street for residents interested in living close to the Arizona State University Tempe campus. The Hayden Lane Apartments are located just short of a mile from the eastern edge of campus, so you can ...

    $ 300 - $ 300
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.49 miles distance
    4 min 29 min

  • San Marbeya

    1720 E.Broadway Road, Tempe AZ 85282
    Transportation San Marbeya apartments on East Broadway are a convenient two miles from ASU. A commute to ASU sites such as Sun Devil Fitness Complex and parking structures near the Law Library and Armstrong Hall takes about five ...

    $ 627 - $ 704
    2 - 3 Bedrooms

    1.5 miles distance
    5 min 29 min

  • Saldo Springs

    242 South Beck Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Salado Springs Apartments If you start at the northwestern corner of the Arizona State University campus in Tempe and head west, you’ll find the Salado Springs Apartments on South Beck Avenue in less than two miles. You can drive to the edge ...

    $ 498 - $ 825
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.55 miles distance
    6 min 30 min

  • Hayden Terrace Apartments

    1925 E Hayden Ln, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Hayden Terrace Apartments If you want to live close to the Arizona State University Tempe campus, you should know about Hayden Lane. This is a street approximately one mile from the eastern edge of campus that features a variety of affordable apartment ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.58 miles distance
    5 min 31 min

  • Eden

    2045 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, 85282
    Transportation. Central to all of Tempe’s attractions, Eden apartments on South McClintock are just a mile-and-a-half from the southeast corner of the ASU campus. In that area of campus, you’ll find residence halls, university services and the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. ...

    $ 458 - $ 475
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.6 miles distance
    5 min 31 min

  • Anzio

    1330 W. Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. Anzio apartments place you right in the heart of Tempe, less than two miles southwest of ASU and downtown and one mile from Interstate 10 and Highway 143. Commuting to ASU is a breeze, taking just five to seven minutes ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.83 miles distance
    7 min 36 min

  • Tempe Vista

    2045 E. Broadway Rd. Tempe, AZ 85282
    Tempe Vista Apartment Homes You’ll find the Tempe Vista Apartment Homes approximately two miles southeast of the Arizona State University Tempe campus and about half a mile west of the Price Freeway. Residents can reach the university in approximately five minutes without ...

    $ 437 - $ 751
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    2.12 miles distance
    7 min 42 min

  • Residences at Fountainhead

    2520 S. Plaza Drive Tempe , AZ 85282
    Transportation. The Residences at Fountainhead on South Plaza Drive are near Interstate 10 and just 2.8 miles southwest of ASU. Commuting to ASU or downtown Tempe is a breeze when you follow South Priest Drive to the north. From South Priest, ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    - Bedrooms

    2.14 miles distance
    7 min 42 min

  • San Portella

    2155 South 55th Street
    San Portella Apartments Located less than three miles from the southwest corner of the Arizona State University campus and less than half a mile from Phoenix University, the San Portella Apartments give you the opportunity to enjoy comfort at home and a ...

    $ 705 - $ 705
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    2.29 miles distance
    7 min 45 min


Living Near ASU Campuses

Obviously one of the most important things to consider when searching for an ASU apartment is where you are in location to campus. ASU has four main campuses and two additional units: Tempe campus, West campus, Polytechnic campus, Downtown Phoenix campus, Thunderbird and Colleges at Lake Havasu City.

Tempe Campus

The Tempe campus is the largest of the ASU campuses. The campus lies in the heart of Tempe, about eight miles east of downtown Phoenix. The Tempe campus is home to the Sun Devils’ athletic complex, performing arts facilities and many high-tech research spaces. Many students choose to live near Mill Avenue, where most of the nightlife is located. Others may choose to live closer to downtown and commute to class. Apartments in the area vary in price, but location is generally what determines price. If you need to be near the light rail for public transportation, make sure the apartment you chose has that option. The Tempe campus is the largest, making it a hub for college students and a cultural destination, especially with Arizona State University Art Museum. The most important thing to consider is that the closer you live to campus, the more you will pay in rent.

ASU Downtown

ASU Downtown is, as you may have guessed, located in downtown Phoenix, in an area bound by Van Buren Street, Fillmore Street, 1st Avenue, and 7th Street. Because the campus is downtown, it has a more urban feel. The campus is home to the College of Health Solutions, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, College of Public Service and Community Solutions and Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. In Fall of 2016, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law will also move downtown in the Arizona Center for Law and Society. The most important feature in a downtown apartment is that you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Like the Tempe campus, you will ultimately pay more if you live closer to campus and transportation is the most important thing to consider when choosing your apartment.

West Campus

ASU West Campus is located in a suburban area in northwest Phoenix, near Glendale. ASU West is the smallest of the campuses in square footage, so it is a good choice for students that want a more casual college experience. Living near West campus can be more affordable for students because of its location. The West campus aims to blend a liberal arts education with 21st-century workforce preparation. Degree programs are offered by the W. P. Carey School of Business, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and the College of Health Solutions.

Polytechnic Campus

ASU defines the Polytechnic campus as “a nexus for studies in interdisciplinary sciences, engineering, management, technology and education.” This campus offers students hands-on experiences including simulators for flight and centers for consumer behavior research, semiconductor fabrication, comprehensive commercial printing and design services, and on-demand digital manufacturing. The Polytechnic Campus is located in the southeast part of Mesa, which is about 25 miles southeast of Tempe and 33 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix.

Colleges at Lake Havasu City

In response to a high demand for low-cost education, Colleges at Lake Havasu City offer students undergraduate degrees that are high in demand. There are currently 18 bachelor’s degrees and 3 exploratory programs that students can choose from.

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thunderbird isn’t exactly a campus, but rather a unit within ASU. Thunderbird School of Global Management is one of the newest units of “Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise.” The flagship campus is located in Glendale, Arizona, at Thunderbird Field No. 1, a former military airfield from which it derives its name.

Transportation at ASU

When determining where you want to live at ASU, deciding how to get to campus is one of the most important factors. Many students who do not have a car will need to live closer to campus while others who have transportation may decide to save money and live on the outskirts of campus. Getting to campus can seem tricky if you don’t have a car or don’t want to pay for parking, but luckily ASU offers public transportation for students.

City buses and light rail, discounted transit passes, Eco-Passes and car-sharing allow Sun Devils to travel quickly, easily and affordably throughout the area.

City Buses and Light Rail

Valley Metro provides bus and light rail service throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. There is at least one Valley Metro bus stop at each of the four ASU campuses, and light rail stops – with service to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – on the ASU Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses. Transit suggests allowing up to 35 minutes for travel on the light rail between the Downtown Campus and the Tempe campus. For unlimited rides on the Light Rail, U-Passes are offered for students for $200.


ASU intercampus shuttles transport students, faculty and staff between the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West campuses. Additional shuttle service is also available to the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic from Tempe and to the Thunderbird campus from West.

The current schedule for the ASU shuttle is listed below. Weekday shuttles operate when class is in session during the fall and spring semesters.

  • Gold route: Service between Polytechnic and Tempe campuses – Departs every half-hour on the hour and half-hour.
  • Maroon route: Service between Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and West campuses – Departs every half-hour on the hour and half-hour.
  • Mayo Express: Service between the Mayo Clinic and Tempe campus – Departs every 45 minutes.
  • Mercado route: Service between the Mercado Building on the Downtown Phoenix campus and Tempe campus – Departs every hour.
  • Thunderbird Express: Service between Thunderbird and West campuses – Departs every half-hour.

Tempe Flash: On the Tempe campus, students and employees can board one of two, free shuttle routes to get from one campus building or parking location to another. Shuttle service is available every Monday – Friday (with the exception of university holidays and limited service during class breaks).

Campus Parking: Students are required to pay for parking at ASU, which can often be expensive. The cost of parking depends on the campus that you are attending. A general parking FAQ can be found here.

Getting Involved

The transition from your hometown or previous city to a new college can be difficult. Finding an apartment near nightlife or near student activities can make the process easier. ASU has over 1,000 clubs and organization to join as well as a prominent Greek life community. Students can visit the Sun Devil Involvement Center to learn more about these clubs and organizations as well as leadership and student government opportunities. For links to student organization visit this website.

Many of the bars in the area are located on Mill ave and many students take ride services like Uber to the bars.

Living near other students is a great way to get involved. Try searching for an apartment complex that tailors to student needs. In these complexes, the landlords are usually aware of the student life that lives there and plan events to help student mingle.

The transition to a new city can be difficult, but choosing an apartment that provides an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in and that provides to the needs of students can help you feel more adjusted. Be sure to chose a place that is located close to your campus or near public transit. Also be sure that you feel like the other residents in the building are similar to you.