Apartments in Tempe Near Mill Ave

Mill Avenue is known throughout the region for its thriving entertainment scene near ASU and downtown Tempe. Its six-mile stretch runs through most of Tempe, and it transitions to several different personalities in that distance.

  • Flagstone Apartment Homes

    30 W Carter DriveTempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. Nicely placed in central Tempe, Flagstone Apartment Homes are on West Carter Drive near the Superstition Freeway and Interstate 10. The residences are approximately 2.5 miles south of ASU’s Tempe campus and about three miles from downtown. Driving to work ...

    $ 420 - $ 806
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.11 miles distance
    0 min 2 min

  • University Pointe

    919 East Lemon StreetTempe, AZ 85281
    University Pointe Apartments At the University Pointe Apartments, you can live on campus without living in the dorms. Positioned just outside of the southeastern border of campus on East Lemon Street, this is one of the closest apartment complexes to Arizona State ...

    $ 892 - $ 1430
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.48 miles distance
    3 min 9 min

  • Ovation at Tempe

    Ovation at Tempe 4505 S. Hardy Drive Tempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. Living in Ovation at Tempe apartments puts you within three miles of ASU and three-and-a-half miles of downtown Tempe. The apartments’ location on South Hardy is just south of the Superstition Freeway and just east of Interstate 10. For getting ...

    $ 440 - $ 810
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.54 miles distance
    2 min 10 min

  • Residences on Farmer

    615 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Ideally located in downtown’s Farmer Arts District, the Residences on Farmer put you within walking distance of ASU, Mill Avenue/Downtown delights and Town Lake fun. You’re only a half-mile from the western edge of ASU and sites such as the ...

    $ 800 - $ 800
    3 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.55 miles distance
    2 min 11 min

  • Brix

    1424 S. Jentilly Lane Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Next door to ASU’s University Services building, Brix apartments make your commute to the university practically nonexistent. Even the main part of campus is just three blocks away. While driving to campus takes only four minutes, parking on campus is ...

    $ 425 - $ 650
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.61 miles distance
    6 min 12 min

  • San Marquis

    577 E. Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283
    Transportation. Three miles directly south of ASU, San Marquis apartments are close to major local freeways, Tempe attractions and a world-class university. If you’re commuting to ASU, the drive will take you a little less than 10 minutes during low-traffic hours. ...

    $ 570 - $ 1349
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.63 miles distance
    3 min 12 min

  • Tempe Park Place

    4540 S Rural Road Tempe, AZ 8528
    Tempe Park Place Apartments If you follow Rural Road from the southern tip of the ASU campus, you’ll reach the Tempe Park Place Apartments in approximately 2.5 miles. If you decide to call this community your home, you’ll ...

    $ 477 - $ 865
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.65 miles distance
    3 min 12 min

  • The Park in Tempe

    3409 S Rural Road Tempe, AZ
    The Park in Tempe Located less than two miles from the southern tip of the Arizona State University Tempe campus and directly on a main road that travels through the campus, The Park in Tempe will keep you close to campus without ...

    $ 425 - $ 765
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.67 miles distance
    2 min 13 min

  • 505 West

    505 West Baseline Rd.Tempe, AZ 85283
    Transportation. Near the juncture of Interstate 10 and the Superstition Freeway, 505 West apartments on West Baseline Road are just three miles from the ASU campus. That location makes it easy to get to campus, but it keeps you removed from ...

    $ 367 - $ 740
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.69 miles distance
    3 min 13 min

  • West Sixth

    West Sixth 115 W 6th St. Ste. 101 Tempe, AZ 85281
    West Sixth Apartments The West Sixth apartments are cradled between West 6th Street and South Ash Avenue on the northwestern edge of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. You’ll find them right across the street from the Centerpoint building, which now houses ...

    $ 837 - $ 2063
    1 - 4 Bedrooms

    0.7 miles distance
    3 min 14 min

  • Agave Apartments

    1718 S. Jentilly Ln Tempe, AZ 85283
    Agave Apartments Located less than a half mile south of the Arizona State University Tempe campus, the Agave Apartments are perfect for students walking or biking to campus daily. By heading west on Vista Del Cerro Drive and then north on Rural ...

    $ 400 - $ 740
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.73 miles distance
    4 min 14 min

  • San Palmilla

    750 W. Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283
    Transportation. Living in San Palmilla apartments puts you near all the major local freeways but keeps you insulated from the hustle of a busy university campus. Just three-and-a-half miles south of ASU, the apartments are close enough to make the commute ...

    $ 583 - $ 620
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.75 miles distance
    3 min 14 min

  • Hanover Mill Avenue

    101 W 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281 - Downtown Tempe
    Transportation. Located just one block from ASU’s downtown Centerpoint building, two blocks from The Brickyard and three blocks from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Hanover Mill Avenue apartments are ultra-convenient. The apartments are also near the rest of ASU’s northwestern ...

    $ 782 - $ 1319
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.76 miles distance
    4 min 15 min

  • The Place on Jentilly

    1717 S Jentilly Ln, Tempe, AZ 85281
    The Place on Jentilly Living in the apartments at The Place on Jentilly places you within walking or driving distance of Arizona State University as well as many restaurants and sports bars serving the student and teacher population. The apartments are located ...

    $ 1130 - $ 1130
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.79 miles distance
    4 min 15 min

  • The Standard

    615 S Hardy Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    The Standard Apartment Homes If you want to walk or bike your way to campus and enjoy the many outdoor beauties surrounding Tempe Town Lake, you may consider moving into The Standard Apartment Homes on South Hardy Drive. After walking or biking ...

    $ 418 - $ 418
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.83 miles distance
    4 min 16 min

  • Studio 710

    710 South Hardy Dr.Tempe, AZ 85281
    Studio 710 Apartments The Studio 710 apartment complex is located less than one mile west of Arizona State University, and you can reach the northwestern edge of campus in just two minutes with light traffic. Start out traveling east on West University ...

    $ 655 - $ 705
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    0.86 miles distance
    3 min 17 min

  • Lakeview at the Bay

    995 East Baseline Road Tempe, AZ 85283
    Transportation. Three miles south of the ASU campus, Lakeview At The Bay apartments are conveniently located just south of the Superstition Freeway on East Baseline Road. The apartments are also just east of Interstate 10. To get to campus, though, you’re ...

    $ 415 - $ 875
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    0.87 miles distance
    4 min 17 min

  • Grandes Cortes

    1150 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. A mile-and-a-half directly west of the ASU campus, Grandes Cortes puts you close to the university’s Wells Fargo Sports Arena, Mona Plummer Aquatic Complex, the Brickyard Engineering complex and College of Design. Walking to campus can be accomplished in just ...

    $ 806 - $ 806
    1 - 1 Bedrooms

    0.9 miles distance
    3 min 18 min

  • University Park

    1005/1023 East University Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. University Park apartments are just a block-and-a-half from ASU and the light rail system, so getting around the region is very convenient. The apartments are closest to the university’s central and eastern buildings, including performing and media arts, science and ...

    $ 550 - $ 650
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.94 miles distance
    4 min 18 min

  • Ravenwood Heights

    647 West Baseline Road Tempe,AZ 85283
    Transportation. Conveniently located in the center of Tempe, Ravenwood Heights on West Baseline Road offers easy access to most parts of town. It’s about a three-and-a-half mile drive to the ASU campus and just a bit farther to downtown. The drive ...

    $ 699 - $ 699
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.97 miles distance
    5 min 19 min

  • The Nines Apartment Homes

    999 E Baseline DriveTempe, AZ 85283
    The Nines Apartment Homes The Nines Apartment Homes are located on East Baseline Road, approximately three miles south from the southern tip of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. If you need to commute to other areas of Tempe or take frequent ...

    $ 413 - $ 413
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.97 miles distance
    5 min 19 min

  • Anzio

    1330 W. Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85282
    Transportation. Anzio apartments place you right in the heart of Tempe, less than two miles southwest of ASU and downtown and one mile from Interstate 10 and Highway 143. Commuting to ASU is a breeze, taking just five to seven minutes ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    0.99 miles distance
    3 min 19 min

  • Amber Gardens Apartment Homes

    625 W. 1st Street Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation Less than a mile from ASU’s Brickyard Engineering and Artisan Court, Amber Garden Apartment Homes put you in the heart of downtown and ASU. Whether you prefer driving, walking, biking or bus-riding, you’ll have a quick commute ...

    $ 463 - $ 820
    1 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.04 miles distance
    5 min 20 min

  • Villagio Furnished Apartments

    1133 West Baseline Road Tempe, AZ 85283
    Villagio Furnished Apartments The Villagio Apartments are situated approximately four miles south of the Arizona State University Tempe campus. From the complex’s location on West Baseline Road, head north on South Hardy Drive and then take South Mill Avenue north until you ...

    $ 432 - $ 929
    1 - 3 Bedrooms

    1.1 miles distance
    5 min 21 min

  • 1133 West Fifth

    1133 West Fifth St. | Tempe, AZ 85281
    Transportation. Just one mile from the western edge of ASU’s campus, 1133 West Fifth apartments put you close to the university’s Brickyard, Tempe Center and its art, design, music and communications buildings. If you prefer to walk the 14 blocks between ...

    $ 0 - $ 0
    2 - 2 Bedrooms

    1.12 miles distance
    4 min 22 min


If you choose an apartment near Mill Avenue’s beginning point north of the Salt River, you’ll enjoy a rural environment. Entertainment here is oriented to the great outdoors, with sites such as the Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix Municipal Stadium and Rolling Hills Golf Course nearby. This is a prime spot to live if you work at the Salt River Project power station or one of the many enterprises in the Papago commercial and industrial parks. It also offers a quick commute to ASU.

A couple of blocks south towards the Salt River, you’ll find even more entertainment and recreation. You can enjoy intimate live musical performances at the Marquee Theatre or cross the Salt River to fun-filled Tempe Town Lake, Tempe Beach Park and Neil Giuliano Park.

Just a few blocks beyond the riverfront, downtown Tempe’s section of Mill Avenue is the location of Mill’s famous nightlife and dining. Apartments in this neighborhood are in the heart of the city’s action. You’re close to cafes, pubs, boutiques, dance clubs and countless restaurants. You’re steps from football games at Sun Devil Stadium and basketball games at Wells Fargo Arena. There are also theaters, banks, drug stores and concert halls.

Past the university and 13th Street, Mill Avenue becomes more suburban in ambiance. Living in this area gives you terrific access to St. Luke’s Hospital, local schools, small neighborhood parks and streets with shady trees. This comfortable atmosphere continues even as you move south of Highway 60/Superstition Freeway to Mill Avenue’s end point near Kiwanis Lake. This area features larger apartment complexes with many amenities. You’re also close to the popular Arizona Mills shopping and entertainment center.

Whether you choose the bustling Mill Avenue area around ASU or the quieter neighborhoods south, the street offers plenty of access to the area’s most treasured entertainment and recreation.